HANCHI International, through its core management team’s experience and leadership, has acquired overtime the capabilities and capacity to provide quality and on time services to clients in a safe and consistent manner.

The Company’s firm commitment to providing quality has ensured that all the projects that it has undertaken have been executed to clients’ expectations.  HANCHI International has therefore fostered a culture of constantly achieving targets and delivering results.  Through active recruitment of experienced individuals, HANCHI International has that have continually created the unsurpassed value to clients.

Paramount to Company performance has been the ability to create a trusted brand in the industry.  HANCHI International has invested in relationship building with a cross section of industry players who have further enabled the Company to access unique and vital capabilities for execution.  HANCHI International boasts mutually beneficial partnership with local and international private sector companies, expatriatelogistics professionals, and others who supplement its internal resource base.  These relationships across the supply chain, including those with equipment suppliers, have endowed HANCHI International with the capability to handle multiple projects simultaneously.

This combination of proven ability to execute, access to physical and human resource, access to information and other inputs, as well as the commitment to quality, health and safety, has enabled HANCHI International to adequately manage and handle the short, log and possibly most complex, rig moves in the industry from and to some of the most remote areas of the countries we operate.  With a commitment to learning and growth, HANCHI International is creating the competencies in skill, knowledge and attitude required to be the logistics solutions provider of choice to all leading oil companies, drilling contractors as well as oilfield service companies.


Safety and Quality Assurance Policy

HANCHI International is committed to conducting its business in a way that protects the health and safety of its employees, clients, sub-contractors and the public, is environmentally responsible and provides quality services and products.


The Company’s approach to quality performance and service delivery is premised on the beliefs that:

  • Nothing is more important that protecting human health and safety
  • All accidents/incidents can be prevented
  • Management is accountable for Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) performance
  • Management is committed to provide products and services whose quality is unsurpassed
  • Management is accountable for conducting periodic quality internal audits and measuring company performance using established Key Performance Indicators
  • Working safely and in an environmentally responsible manner are conditions of employment
  • Preventing incidents/accidents and managing environmental impacts are fundamental to good business


Guiding principles on quality, health and safety, as detailed in HANCHI international manuals, embrace leadership, accountability, integration, prevention, preparedness, measurement, and continual improvement