Executive Summary

HANCHI International (HI) is a privately owned and founded by Mr. Hanchi Cheikh, President of the company. For more than two decades and under his auspices, the company is considered as one of the pillars of the development in the field of transportation and heavy lift operations engaged in the land (onshore) rig move support services with various international drilling contractors.

In the offset, HANCHI International has taken a leading role in this vision of the country’s development along with commitment without compromising in the quality, health, safety and the environment. We do this through a combination of an open relationship with our Clients, Associates and more importantly our EMPLOYEES.  This is the foundation of the company successes based on mutual trust, transparency, accountability, discipline and good performance.

Our continued investment in the Human Resources with the criteria’s of dedication, qualification, and experience irrespective of nationalities relates to our team consisting of Consultants, Managers, Engineers, Skilled and unskilled workforce.  The ultimate goal and objective is ensuring the quality performance of our works to the satisfaction of our clients and our professional business commitment at all times.

To date, HANCHI International has expanded its business interest by diversifying further into other field related to oil and gas in association with international expertise in the area of Onshore Drilling and construction of infrastructure projects.  This is in line with our business expansion programs through our joint venture association.  

In relation, we are aiming to expand our business operations within the GCC countries and Dubai is the overseas main office to serves as catalyze based support in Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, South Sudan and Algeria as its main headquarter.